If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys.

Fair prices, fair deals, fair community, we love it!


We produce our products at a small family business.

Ginger Monkeys only uses fabrics that are organic and for the coloring of the fabrics we use natural dye.

Our packaging is made of recycled materials and for presents and bigger orders we choosed to use a cover box that can be re-used as handy storage. The sleeve with illustration can be transformed to a piece of artwork by you kid, or for example be cut into little happy cards.

Ginger Monkeys is timeless en does not follow temporarily trends. The quality of our products is high so you can recycle, resell or donate when your child no longer wears this. 

We are continuously focussed to optimize everything we do. We strive to have the highest quality with the lowest possible footprint.


Let's care!