For our twins I was looking for a (unisex) nice brand to mix ‘n match cool, comfortable outfits on items and colors. Fairfashion with many colors and a mature look. At that moment all the pieces felt together, and Ginger Monkeys was born.  And now it’s 2020, the twins are 3 and we even have a little monkey of a few months as well, and now it’s time, we are live.. Finally!!

Ginger Monkeys has got a timeless collection for kids from 0 – 4. You can mix ‘n match the complete collection or choose for an outfit in one color. All items are available in all colors. So also really nice to match with (twin-) brothers and sisters. 


We only use super soft fabrics, made of organic cotton. For the coloring of the fabrics we use natural dye. So your littleone does not unnecessarily will be in contact with chemical substances.


We produce everything in Portugal at a small family business. And make sure that the impact on the environment is as small as possible.


The collection is year round, and the basis stays always the same. Throughout the year the collection will be updated with new items and colors, but not necessarily at the standard seasons in fashion. Ginger Monkeys is currently exclusively available in our own webshop.


A recycled envelope has been chosen for the packaging, for bigger orders or presents we have a nice, recycled cover box. This one can be re-used as handy storage. The sleeve with illustration can be transformed to a piece of artwork by you kid, or for example be cut into little happy cards.


Ginger Monkeys is a young brand, but from the beginning we want to focus on optimize everything we do. So if you have any comments about our products, the brand or our service, please let us know!




X Vera